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Salento is a fascinating, intoxicating and magical land.
Bathed by the most beautiful waters of the Adriatic and Ionian seas, Salento offers stretches of golden beaches and heavenly natural scenery, as well as a priceless historical and artistic heritage.

Alimini Lakes

Agriresort Muciano is immersed in the peace of the Alimini lakes.
Two lakes, Lago Grande and Lago Piccolo known as Fontanelle, connected by ‘Lo strittu’, a narrow channel.
They are a natural oasis to be discovered by bicycle, on long walks or even on horseback.
Here, it is easy to feel at peace with your senses.

La cava di bauxite

It feels like being in another dimension.
The red bauxite sedimentary rock creates evocative and magical scenery, while the green of the lake and Mediterranean scrub captures one’s gaze.
La Cava di Bauxite, a few kilometres from Otranto is one of the beauties of Salento that you will remember forever.


Known for being the easternmost city in Italy, it is a jewel in the heart of Salento, a bridge between West and East.
Otranto‘s waters are some of the most crystal-clear in the area and the historic centre is enshrined within fortified walls, evidence of the city’s glorious but also turbulent past. From the impressive Aragonese Castle, endless alleys and lanes of sounds colours and scents unfold through the area.

La Grotta della Poesia e
i Faraglioni di Sant'Andrea (The Poetry Cave)

Between San Foca and Torre dell’Orso lies one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world: la Grotta della Poesia. A complex of karstic rocks plunging into the emerald green water below, captivating those who visit. The name is said to derive from verses composed by ancient singers for a beautiful princess who bathed daily in this crystal-clear expanse.
The Faraglioni di Sant’Andrea are natural sculptures rising out of the blue sea. Swimming through the famous Lovers’ Arch is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences to be had in Salento.

Resort Rooms

From the large windows of the rooms, you can lose yourself in the blue of the Alimini Lakes and the green of the Mediterranean maquis

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